Cruise Facts

  • The average ocean-going cruise ship had more than 4,000 smoke detectors and five firefighting teams.

  • Large capacity ocean-going cruise ships typically have highly trained security officers on board-often former law enforcement or military personnel

  • Current security screening protocols call for 100 percent screening of all passenger luggage on cruise voyages with international destinations.

  • Cruise ships that routinely operate in international waters typically provide 24-hour emergency medical care with trained and qualified staff.

  • All ships visiting U.S. ports are subject to health and sanitation inspections.

  • All cruise lines operation in waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States must follow all U.S. environmental laws no matter the flag of the ship.

  • Cruise ship waste management and recycling  programs are generally equal to or more advanced than those in most of the cities and ports to which they sail.

  • The environmental protection agency credits the cruise industry for many contributions it has made to minimize its own impact on the environment.

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