A lot of care should be taken when planning your honeymoon. Since this is a once in a lifetime occurrence it should be perfect! It is the dream of every couple to have a memorable honeymoon. To achieve this put a lot of thought into the honeymoon, especially during the planning phases. The couple should sit down and agree on the essentials of the honeymoon as well as those things that they can do without.
First decide on when you want to go for the honeymoon. You can either leave on the night of the wedding, the next morning, or several days later. It is vital to settle on a honeymoon that perfectly suits the two of you. Know the likes and dislikes you both have. It is also important to know how you will pay for your honeymoon. Why not take a cruise, stay on a tropical island or pamper yourself at an all-inclusive. 
   The Caribbean has different places that make great honeymoon spots.  There is something for everyone depending on different people’s likes. There are several beaches where you can relax, play golf, or enjoy water sports and various other activities that will make your honeymoon memorable.
The other thing that you should take into consideration before booking your honeymoon is the available budget. It is advisable to look for an affordable package with flight, hotel and transfers in order to reduce your overall spend. Cheap does not mean a sub-standard honeymoon. It simply means that you are intending to spend only what you can afford. Simply be realistic and plan for something that will not put you into a financial crisis after the honeymoon.
Remember that there is life after the honeymoon. These are cost conscious times and saving a few dollars here and there is an excellent idea. It is also important to make your booking early enough to avoid last-minute rushes and sold-out accommodations and flights
 The Caribbean is one of the greatest tropical locations for romance, relaxation and fun.  The reason the Caribbean islands are perfect for honeymooners it offer the best beaches, palm trees, night life , couples resorts, all-inclusive, adventures or whatever you maybe looking for during your honeymoon. 
 The Caribbean has so many attractions and wonders it is hard to know where to begin. So let me help in my experience I have with traveling and helping others book there dream honeymoon. Contact me anytime for help or questions. 

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