Flordia Top Honeymoon Spots

Flordia consistently ranks amound the top honeymoon destinations not only in the U.S. but worldwide. Florida’s accessibility makes it ideal for Americans and the numerous and beautiful beaches draw visitors from all over. Gathered here are ten of the most interesting, unique, and pleasant places to visit in Florida that are ideal for making honeymooning that much sweeter.
 DISNEY WORLD ~ For those who young at heart. Hotels on Disney property range from budget to luxury and most offer honeymoon deals. If you want a more luxurious hotel away from families/children then a luxory hotel would be the best option for you. Disney resorts have a tram that stops just outside the door for optimal convenience. If you are planning  on wanting a Magical Kingdom honeymoon then let me know I will be glad to help.
  Orlando~ Yes Disney and Orlando are not too far from each other but Orlando has so much more to offer than just the Magic Kingdom. Orlando is located about an hour from beaches where you can swim, surf and relax.
   Flordia Keys~  This island offers luxury bungalows and resorts full of service. Some of the hotels even offer extras such as a bottle of wine to your room.  This island is small but will be relaxing. You can even drive down highway 1 to Flordia Keys where over-water bridges pass through the islands.
  Everglades~  With over 1 million acres the park is the largest in the lower 48 so there's no end to things to see at the Everglade National Park.
   Duck Key~ Duck Key is apart of Florida Keys  but it is a small island. There is a dolphin connection where you can swim with the dolphins. You can stay at the largest resort  resort in the Flordia Keys called Hawks Cay Resort is located in a great location.
  St. Augustine~
 St. Pete~

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