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A rich eco tourism experience and up close and personal encounters with Australia’s unique plant and animal life are very much part of a visit to Spicers Canopy, as our fabulously well appointed permanent campsite lies close to the rich 8,000 acres of Australia’s most unique private nature refuge

Scenic Rim boutique hotel Spicers Canopy takes camping to new heights, thanks to its lofty position in a private nature reserve, indulgent all-inclusive wining and dining, and serene eco-mindedness. So while you may have to hike into the property (it's blissfully a car-free zone), at the end of your stay you'll float home.

Spicers Canopy, lies on Spicers Peak Station adjacent to the World Heritage Listed Main Range National Park. It is located on the Scenic Rim close to the Great Dividing Range and theGranite Belt wine region about two hours drive from Brisbane.
A permanent, private, luxury campsiteSpicers Canopy sits on top of a grass covered hill and enjoys stunning views towards Mount Mitchell, Spicers Peak and Mount Cordeaux. With no cars, no computers, no TVs and limited mobile phone coverage, it’s a place where you can truly escape from it all.
Located next to Australia’s largest and most exclusive private nature reserve, unique plant and animal life are integral to the Spicers Canopy experience. Guided walks are available.
Of an evening, guests are able to see the lights of our  sister property – the famous Spicers Peak Lodge. Groups staying at Spicers Canopy often use Spicers Peak Lodge facilities forconferences, or for special dinners.

Images courtsey of Spicers Canopy

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