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                                 Leaving soon for St Lucia! 
                             So excited! 
Will be blogging, writing reviews, taking pictures and videos of my entire trip. Will post everything in acouple of weeks.
Before leaving I have a checklist I would like to share
  • -Check your flight times on the airline’s website.  Airlines frequently make schedule changes, oftentimes last minute changes.  Check again right before you leave for the airport in case of any flight delays.  Most airlines have apps you can download on your phone to make this easy!
  • -If you are arriving to your hotel well before check in, bring anything you might want. Sometimes the resort won't allow you to check into your room right away.  This way you can relax on the beach or squeeze in a spa appointment, and won’t have to dig through your suitcase to find what you need.
  • -Call your credit card or debit card companies to let them know you maybe using your credit/debit card in what area. Be sure to ask if they have any additional charges for using the credit/debit card in another country.
  • -Be sure to check what the weather maybe where you are traveling. It is important to know what the weather will be when you arrive to your destination.
  • -Stop the mail while your gone at the post office. The post office will stop your mail for dates you request.
  • -If traveling for your honeymoon, make sure to bring a copy of your marriage certificate with you.  Depending on the resort they  will ask for some kind of proof in order to provide complimentary honeymoon amenities.
  • -Always best to let friends or family members know where you are going. Send them a link of the resort, travel agent information or itinerary.
  • -Make sure you have all your documents with you, such as your record locator for airfare and resort confirmation and transfers for destinations if you have this booked. Passports if traveling out of the country.
  • -Take your camera if you love to take pictures. I personally take pictures of everything since it maybe the last time to visit the destination and pictures can last a lifetime of memories.
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