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San Francisco, California 

This place had so much to do.  If you love visiting a destination that never gets hot and lots to do within walking distance than you will love this place. So many restaurants and activities in this area. 

Depending on the day depends on how clear visiblity is of the Golden Gate Bridge they said we were lucky that it was the first day you could see it in a while. 

 The clock tower Pier 1 of San Francisco. 

 View from our room at the Le Mederain hotel. Love our room very nice and modern. Our room below had comfortable beds. 

 If you love animals make sure you plan time to see the sea lions at Pier 39 they always are just hanging around either cuddeling fighting. Want to go back to San Francisco just to see the sea lions again :)

Images taken while on our trip in San Fransico, California. 

Wanting to go to California for your honeymoon? San Fransico or somewhere else?

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