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Destination St Lucia
St Lucia. Hiking Pigeon Park right next door to Sandals Grande St Lucia was a fun adventure for my husband and I to enjoy by ourselves. I highly recommend to do this simple hike one afternoon on a clear sunny day- it was overcast when we did it. On a sunny day you can see Pitons from the highest peak. 

Sandals Grande St Lucia, Sandals Halcyon, Sandals La Toc
Free shuttle between all three resorts

 The beginning of the hike to Pigeon Island. 

Pigeon Park is walking distance from Sandals Grande St Lucia. My husband and I did this hike by our self and felt safe. 
 View of our resort once we reached the top. Sandals Grande St Lucian

Images take by 2 Travel Anywhere, LLC 
during our trip to St Lucia 

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