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How did you choose/plan your honeymoon location, activities?
When I first contacted Carlie, I gave her a few options of places my husband and I wanted to go. We wanted go somewhere tropical. She also asked us what we wanted to do and what our budget was. She then gave us a detailed list of several places with activities and I chose from there. The lists were extremely helpful because she gave us options I would have never thought of.
How did you learn about 2 Travel anywhere?
A high school friend of mine, Kelly Dellinger, is a wedding planner (Kelly Dellinger Events) in Nashville and I asked her for help. She referred me to 2 Travel Anywhere! Carlie also planned Kelly's honeymoon.
Did you consider planning your honeymoon without a travel service?  Why did you choose to work with Carlie?  
I chose I work with Carlie because she was highly recommended and FREE! And now I refer all my friends to her! She's fabulous!! I have never worked with a travel service before and now I can't wait to use Carlie again to plan future anniversary trips!
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