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St Lucia Just a few reasons we LOVE St Lucia. 
A Few Reasons To Visit St Lucia 

                     A Few Reasons to Visit St Lucia   
1. The Pitons. These two aw-inspiring volcanic peaks towering side by side above the sea as Saint Lucia's natural monuments. They are outstanding examples of cultural and natural heritage and are recognized as a world-renowned.The best known features are of course the Gros Piton, Petit Piton and the Sulphur Springs (long advertised as the world's only drive-in volcano). However the site contains many other unique aspects that the Heritage Committee deemed important to preserve.  There are beautiful coral reefs, hawksbill turtles, pilot whales, 168 species of finfish, 148 species of plants including eight rate trees. 

2. Diamond Waterfal, Botanical Gardens & Mineral Baths in Soufriere 
Trek deep into the heart of lush, botanical gardens to Sulphur Springs, a beautiful spot featuring the colorful Diamond Waterfall crusted with yellow, green and purple volcanic minerals. Also a must see are the pristine mineral baths nourished by the dormant Soufriere Volcano. Take a bath on the hot spring. 

3. Piegon Island National Park 
This park is a local treasure open to the public year round. Located on the north side of Castries, the 44 acre island is steeped in centuries of history as the hideout of the notorious French-Jambe de Bois (1550), an 18th century British Naval base and as an American Naval base in 1940. Now it is an outdoor museum, of sorts visitors can enjoy two pristine beaches, hiking trails through tropical forest. If you are up for a challenge head up to Fort Rodney a historic fort set on one of the island's two peaks featuring large cannons.


 4. The Soufriere Volcano 
Feeling adventurous? Drive right into the volcano the only known drive volcano in the world by the way. Needn't worry about the volcano activity while you're there. A steam only eruption happened many years ago. The curative powers of the Diamond Mineral Baths near a small waterfall and ambrosial botanical garden are also open to tour. 

St Lucia 
Has something for everyone with their pristine beaches and turquoise ocean or activity. Rich in culture, history and natural wonders. Trekking through lush forest, walking into a volcano, and taking a dip in hot mineral springs. These are just a few of the many adventures waiting for the two of you.

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