Destination   Hawaii
Turtle Bay Oahu, Hawaii

Travel Idea; The top resort on the North shore of Oahu. This place is ideal to getaway from your everyday life and do as you wish. 

About The Destination 
Oahu, Hawaii
This location is 55 minutes from Honolulu and Waikiki City. This resort offers natural tranquility located on the North Shor of Oahu. The Ocean View Suite at this resort display the ocean in every room they have located in the beach cottage, villas and guest rooms. This location offers championship golf course.  
Turtle Bay is home to those who love to surf. Be sure to indulge in the local dishes and enjoy some live music. 
Why This Resort?
The Turtle Bay;  Oahu, Hawaii
This option offers natural beauty. Where rocky coastline and crashing surf are surrounded by lush landscape and endless trails to explore. When you think of Hawaii and want a place to enjoy paradise while in Oahu think of The Turtle Bay. 
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