Destination   Africa
Pondoro Game Lodge Kruger

Travel Idea; Adjacent to Olifants River inside the Kruger National Park. This is a smaller exclusive lodge. Meals are extraordinary. Enjoy early morning game drives, nature walks, bird watching and more. 

About The Destination

Why This Resort?
Pondor Game Lodge;  Kruger
Morning and evening safaris are conducted every day in the open safari. In search for the Big 5 (lion, elephant, rhino, leopard, and buffalo). Other games are conducted by the expert ranges and trackers. 
Dining is up in a tree canopy overlooking the Olifants River. Watch out for the monkeys in the tree while dining they will try to steal your food. 

The photo below in the evening game drive you can sometimes see only eyes. The eyes below are from a hyena. 

Want to know more about this? Ask us. 
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